Fast Node Manager🚀 runs circles around NVM.

Fast Node Manager🚀 runs circles around NVM.

All aboard the Rust Train!

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Jeremy Dombrowski
·Feb 3, 2022·

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We all need a tool to easily manage our environment's version of node/nmp., especially if we aren't quite yet using Docker Dev Containers, GitPod,or Stackblitz for all our projects (despite their amazing set of features allowing one to manage projects better, easier, and with less hassle)

FNM (Fast Node Manager) offers a speed, single-file, and cross-platform alternative to the Node.js manager NVM. It's fast and simple, built with Rust, it’s significantly faster than NVM while maintaining a user experience that is so simple, its essentially self-explanatory, especially if you've had experience with nvm in the past.

FNM is a native, cross-platform, CLI-based package manager. It is built to work flawlessly with the Node.js ecosystem. It is a complete replacement of the NVM package manager. FNM provides the following features:

  • 🌎 Cross-platform support (macOS, Windows, Linux)
  • ✨ Single file, easy installation, instant startup
  • 🚀 Built with speed in mind
  • 📂 Works with .node-version and .nvmrc files.node-version and .nvmrc files
  • 😁 Completions for supported shells such as bash, zsh, fish, and powershell

So if you feel like you’re ready to use it and start working faster, or you’re a JS/Reason developer willing to contribute to an open source project, download fnm and join us on GitHub!

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